(04/11) Super Halcon Jr. vs. Cavernario

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
Judges:  Mr. Niebla, Shocker, Tirantes & Dragon Rojo 

Cavernario (0-1) clearly looked like the better of the two in this match, even if it wasn’t a blow away performance from him.  I know the judging is worked in this tournament to some extent but I think it is an interesting exercise to try and find meaning – if any – in their scores.  This is the first match of the tournament where one wrestler clearly outshined the other in a match that was okay at best.  Will the judges recognize that Cavernario performed well above Halcon (1-0) and award him accordingly or will they both suffer from what was an unmemorable match?  The idea of whether an individual wrestler’s performance can be separated from the overall match’s performance is often debated so I am interested in seeing if the judge’s scores reveal anything to that end.

The work here was focused on arm-work on both sides.  Canvernario did a good job selling the arm work like a pro wrestling caveman should.  He shook his arm and hand at times to let you know he was hurt, but in this wild, not fully comprehending what is happening mode.  Actually, in addition to be a very sound wrestler that is one of Cavernario’s true strengths – his ability to have his gimmick add value rather than as an obstacle to work around.  For example, he bites Halcon’s hand as a caveman might be prone to do but while also working over the arm with normal holds.  He has struck a nice balance early on in this young career with what could be an outlandish gimmick.

Halcon does little to stand out besides a tope con hilo, of which there have already been many (and nicer ones) thus far in the tournament.  With the clock rapidly approaching the 10-minute mark, Canvernario makes Halcon submit, which evens up both competitor’s records at one win apiece.

Cavernario does receive a higher score than Halcon but only five points and he did win the match.  A conclusion cannot really be drawn from that one way or another.  I am not sure Cavernario was 6 points worse in this match than the Hechicero match, however, which might suggest the possibility of a good match/bad match bonus going on.

Judges’ Scores:  Super Halcon Jr. – 23: Cavernario – 28

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