(04/11) Hechicero vs. Guerrero Negro Jr.

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
Judges:  Mr. Niebla, Shocker, Tirantes & Dragon Rojo 

A case could be made that the two best wrestlers in the tournament drew the two worst wrestlers in the tournament in Week #2 (after the best and worst squared off during the first week).  Hechicero (1-0) – much like Canvernario – takes a step down after his strong first week.  He is not bad here and I put much of the onus on Guerrero Negro (0-1) but he just isn’t as good as he was when in the ring with a talented wrestler like Cavernario.

They struggle early on transitioning out of an Abdominal Stretch.  At the end of the match, they seemingly blow the finish when Guerrero Negro falls over while attempting to apply an abdominal stretch/octopus hold on Hechicero.  They tumble to the mat and Negro Jr. gets an immediate deer caught in the headlights look.  To be fair, Hechicero is not quick to react either as he lays on the mat for several seconds before getting up, taking control, and leading them to the improved finish for the Negro Jr. win.

In between, there were some bright spots.  Hechicero was very smooth in the opening mat work.  He is a strong offensive wrestlers who innovates without overthinking, which was displayed here by a nice rolling uppercut.  Hechicero also added a monkey flip that Negro Jr. took a big bump on to the outside, before Hechicero flattens him with his neat inside-outside second rope springboard moonsault.

Nice moves aside, this was not much of a match I thought.  I thought Hechicero was clearly the better guy but the judges didn’t agree.  Either that or they held Hechicero to a higher standard.

Judges’ Scores:  Hechicero – 20; Guerrero Negro Jr. – 23

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