(04/09/1993) Blue Panther vs. Vulcano (AAA)

Mask vs. Hair

Year: 1993
Type: Mask vs. Hair
Other: n/a


Can anyone explain why Vulcano – and the other Destructores for that matter – wear what are seemingly full length masks but are allowed to put their hair on the line in apuesta matches? (EDIT: See below tweets for possible explanation.) If nothing else, this match shows the kind of groove AAA was in from a presentation standpoint at this time. Vulcano and Los Destructores are about as low on the AAA totem pole as anyone.  Tony Acre and Rocco Valente both lost their hair to a young Rey Mysterio Jr. late in 1992. This is a rudo/rudo feud with one month build that airs on a random episode of AAA television three weeks before TripleMania. Despite all of that, the match is both heated and very watchable. The match does not need to be seen and in fact, there is little memorable about it but the work is perfectly fine and the heat is good given the circumstances.

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