(04/08) Hechicero vs. Cavernario

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
Judges:  Mr. Niebla, Shocker, Tirantes & Euforia

CMLL wasted little time getting to what is the premiere match of the tournament – at least in terms of anticipation – with 2014 Gran Alternativa champion Cavernario going up against veteran luchador (but CMLL newcomer) Hechicero.

Hechicero honed his craft for years working smaller promotions in Mexico but has been on the radar of some hardcore US lucha fans for several years.  He reached a slightly broader audience north of the order in 2013 with a Charles Lucero in Monterrey that gained some Match of the Year consideration.  Now that he is a regular in CMLL, Hechicero’s smooth mat wrestling abilities, logical move innovations, and big bumps should place him on the radar of any hardcore wrestling fan.

The highlight of Hechicero’s En Busca de un Idolo debut is a completely psychotic bump he takes mid-match.  From the apron, Hechicero leaps towards Canvernario who has his back up against the railing on the arena floor.  Hechicero flies through the air feet-first but Cavernario sees him coming and moves.  Hechicero’s legs hit violently off of the railing and he falls hard to the arena floor, rolling over on his neck in the process.  The easiest way to describe this bump is that it is basically the Psicosis feet-first corner bump only done off of the apron and onto the guardrail instead.  An even easier way to describe it is to watch this GIF courtesy of The Cubs Fan.


Other highlights from Hechicero include his neat swinging back breaker and rolling half crab submission move, the latter of which earns him the victory.  Hechicero has a great command of the audience and that innate ability to be in the right place at the right time that very few wrestlers – luchadores or otherwise – truly posses.  Cavernario as usual does a fine job blending his caveman gimmick in with some fine wrestling including a splash rope the top rope to the floor that looks like it just flattens Hechicero and cool diving double knees into the chest of his opponent.

Tirantes – momentarily at least – takes a break from being the world’s crankiest judge to praise Hechicero as the best he has seen in three year’s worth of En Busca de un Idolo matches before awarding him a score of 7.  Of course, he then also awards Canveraio a 7 so there is a bit of a disconnect there.  Both guys get huge and well-deserved scores from the judges.

Judges Score:  Hechicero – 36; Cavernario – 34

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