(04/04) Cachorro vs. Star Jr.

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
Judges:  Mr. Niebla, Shocker, Tirantes & Dragon Rojo, Jr.

Cachorro is the son of Blue Panther and therefore it is with some misfortune that he was saddled with one of his father’s rivals, Negro Casas, as his coach for the tournament.  One of the beauties of pro wrestling in 2014 is that there are a zillion different avenues that can be used to disseminate information.  Whereas 10, 20 or 30 years ago we might have had to wait and hope that a CMLL announcer or perhaps magazine writer would ask Cachorro about this seemingly unfortunate pairing, in 2014 a fan like Rob Bihari can simply post the question on Twitter and receive a response straight from the source.

One has to question the wisdom of Cachorro placing his trust in Casas, but it sure is nice being able to get his thoughts instantaneously like that.

Star Jr. shows off his impressive athleticism and balance throughout the match.  Whether on the mat or springing off of the top rope, the lanky luchador has zero issue sticking a landing after a backflip.  Star Jr. bumps hard as well.  He takes a particularly nasty looking fall to the floor early on after eating a Cachorro drop kick.  Cachorro hits a straight tope that his not quite as strong as his father’s old man out of control tope but still good in its own right.

There are some neat spots here, among them Cachorro running around the ring with Star Jr. in a Gory Guerrero Special, Star Jr.’s amazing springboard twisting plancha (if 1996 Mike Tenay would be impressed with Soberano’s version, he might stop breathing when seeing Star Jr.’s).  The match only goes about six minutes with Cachorro winning via submission.  Star Jr. – dive aside – was not given a whole lot here but I don’t think Cachorro made an appreciably better impression despite being afforded more of the spotlight.

Judges Score:  Star Jr. – 23; Cachorro – 26

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