(04/03/1992) Atlantis vs. La Fiera (CMLL)

Atlantis vs. La Fiera
NWA World Middleweight

Year: 1992
Type:  Title Match Style
Other: n/a


Originally this was match was to be Atlantis vs. Bestia Salvaje with Salvaje – who was being pushed heavily in 1992 with two hair wins already under his belt – ending Atlantis’ long title reign. Unfortunately, Salvaje blew out his knee after they set up this match for the Arena Mexico Anniversary show and Fiera was substituted in his place. Unlike Salvaje, Fiera was not being pushed hard at the time, resulting in a match where Altantis was clearly and consistently portrayed as being at least one level above his opponent. There is some action in this match while at the very least, the structure provides for an interesting and unique match.

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