(03/17) Real Americans vs. the Usos/(03/18) Real Americans vs. Goldust & Cody Rhodes

(03/17) Real Americans (Cesaro & Jack Swagger) vs. the Usos
(03/18) Real Americans (Cesaro & Jack Swagger) vs. Goldust & Cody Rhodes

AT&T Center (San Antonio, Texas) / Toyota Center (Houston, Texas)

I’ll group these two together because both were good matches and amongst the better tag matches in recent weeks.

The first is a non-title match from RAW that ended with a memorable, high-energy finish. The dive/blocked dive sequence was unexpected and neat. The Usos usual array of super kicks mixed in with a nice Somoan Drop setup also contributed to the strong closing minutes. The Real Americans stole the win which would have seemed odd for a team in the midst of a breakup if not for the fact that there is no obvious WWE Tag Title program in place for WrestleMania and Real Americans/Usos (or some larger match involving those two teams), seems as good as any. In a year that has been void of real standout tag team matches, the Real Americans continue to far and away produce the best and most consistent tag team output.

The second of the two matches I liked a bit more. Following their victory over the Usos, Swagger & Cesaro battled the Rhodes brothers on Main Event. This was your usual Cody/Goldust tag match with both Cody and Goldust getting worked over for extended periods, all of their new-ish highs posts on display, and solid babyface tag team work throughout. Goldust pulled out all of the big moves here between the hurricanrana, Code Red, and cannonball dive. This also had good heat, particularly for the first match of a Main Event taping.

The finish – certainly in hindsight – seems a bit odd. Cody and Dustin picked up the win (their second over the Real Americans on TV in less than a week), which would seem to indicate that both teams would be part of a tag title match at WrestleMania. Instead it appears that match will be a 3-way with the Real Americans, Usos, and Rybaxel, while the brothers Rhodes work battle royal duty. I was hoping for some sort of tag team gauntlet at WrestleMania with the Real Americans, Usos, Rhodes, Harper/Rowan, Matadores, ect. so the 3-way is a big step down. Meltzer reported that the tag title plans were constantly changing which likely explains why Cody & Goldust went over Swagger & Cesaro twice in a week, only for Swagger & Cesaro to make it to the tag title bout instead of them.

Good matches and a good taste of what the WWE tag division can churn out on a weekly basis if the good teams are kept together.

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