(03/12/1993) Blue Panther vs. Vulcano (AAA)

blue panther vs. vulcano

Year: 1993
Type: n/a
Other: Angle


Someone show Vince Russo a copy of the Blue Panther/Vulcano feud as it is something right out of his playbook years before he had a playbook. The Destructores have a falling out with Vulcano ending up as the odd-man out of the trio. He grabs Blue Panther to be his partner to face his old Destructore partners. This leads to a pair of tag matches, both of which end in disqualification. Vulcano gets along with his new partner as poorly as his old ones, so he and Panther sign for this match to hash out their difference. The match is nothing more than a backdrop for an angle where the Destructores run out wearing Blue Panther masks, attack the real Blue Panther, and reunite with Vulcano. The angle draws a modicum of heat so not all was lost. The match is not much, just an excuse to run this angle and set up the mask vs. hair match. If nothing else, the entire deal was effective in establishing Panther as the face in this rudo vs. rudo feud which almost played out like a test run for his true tecnico turn later this same year. It should be noted that Steve Sims was more positive about this match back in the day (see below).

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