(03/12) Black Terry, Dragón Celestial, Emperador Azteca, Fulgor, Imposible, Sky Ángel vs. Aztlán, Cheyene, Jorge Kebrada, Kanon, Skayde, Vortize

Arena Naucalpan (Naucalpande Juarez, Mexico)
Torneo Cibernetico; Copa High Power

The Gym Skayde versus Gym FILL (Black Terry) feud seemingly ends here and what a weird, disjointed, but fun little feud it has been.

It all started with a cibernetico between the trainees back on February the 4th that was won by the Gym Skayde side when Aztlan got away with a foul. Terry protested that was unfair, Skayde agreed, and a re-match was set up. That match never aired or at least never made it to its way to the internet (an ongoing theme in this feud) but it too ended in controversial fashion. That led to Skayde and Terry getting physically involved opposite of one another in an eight-man tag (where they didn’t hesitate to mix it up with one another) before they inexplicably teamed in a trios match the following. Terry and Skayde bickered in that bout and that set up an already-announced singles match between the two that ended on a foul. That match has also not yet surfaced.

At the dizzying-end of all of this comes this match – a third and (finally!) successful attempt to award the Copa Higher Power between Gym Skayde and Gym FILL (IWRG) without controversy.

In one way, this match was very similar to the first attempted cibernetico between the two gyms. If you waded through some sloppiness and lack of polish, you enjoyed a match with a bunch of young guys trying hard and pulling out some nice lucha arm drags, dives, and submissions. Overall, there was probably a bit more sloppiness in this one – including Skayde being a bit off of his game – than in the first contest.

However, that was made up for a bit by the fact that this cibernetico had more at stake than the first because of the feud that had developed. That tension and animosity made up for some of the lack of execution. For example, in the opening minutes a member of Black Terry’s team makes a save for Terry, which Skayde protests. Skayde makes a save for himself just seconds later as payback. It built palpable tension in the opening minutes the way the first cibernetico didn’t (and really, couldn’t have).
Dragon Celestial looked good once again, as did Black Terry. Nobody looked actively bad although there were a couple of luchadores who had 2001-era Jimmy Yang syndrome of blowing a couple of spots in obvious fashion only to turn right around a pull off a couple of high-skill moves to perfection.

The match came down to Skayde and Terry – as it should have – and Terry picked up the pin after Fulgor distracted Skayde. With the victory, Terry’s squad will now go onto face Tony Rivera’s gym at some point for the Copa High Power.

I would like to see the missing matches from this feud (the 2nd cibernetico, trios with Skayde & Terry teaming, and the singles Skayde/Terry match) because those missing pieces would likely help make the entire feud fit together nicer. As it is, I still thought this was a fun, little month-long feud that provided a chance to focus in some young luchadores that otherwise I would have had little reason to watch.

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