(03/09) Leono, Metalico & Sensei vs. Hechicero, Hooligan & Nitro

Arena Coliseo (Mexico City, Mexico)

More of the Hechicero show than anything else, this was still one of the better undercard matches I’ve seen from CMLL TV this year.

It is not that the other five guys are worthless, but Hechicero is one of the more promising lower-card luchadores in the promotion and really hit on all cylinders in this one. He has some of the better body language and physical expressions from a masked luchador that I can remember in quite some time. I love the Arn Anderson “point to my head to show how smart I am and then walk right into an opponent’s move” spot when done by anyone and loved Hechicero pulling it out here.

He is constantly active in this match, walking down the apron into the neutral corner to try to get at one of the tecnicos or encourage his partners. He does a great stooge spot on the apron bumping for a punch late in the match when turned around and arguing with the crowd. He stooges for some other stuff as well and just has a strong presence about him.

Hechicero supplies the offense as well, the best of the lot being an inverted monkey flip deal that looked great and makes me wonder why I haven’t seen it before. It seems like it might be contrived but it really wasn’t and was a neat move. His mat work to open the match was a lot of fun and set a strong tone. The rudos pulled out a bunch of double and triple team spots as well that helped this match stand out from CMLL mid-card trios match crowd. Hooligan was pretty entertaining and the others were just “there” (which is not always a bad thing).

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