(03/08) Timothy Thatcher vs. Dalton Castle

Flyers Skate Zone (Voorhees, New Jersey)

I had the same feelings on this that I have from most Tim Thatcher matches – it was enjoyable. Enjoyable is a good thing, so I’ll leave it at that. I just still don’t see the super-worker that others see when watching him. Thatcher was solid on the mat here and solid in everything he did.

Dalton Castle was the far more “interesting” of the two in this match. A line chart of how he looked during this 10-minute match would be spiking and bottoming out all over the place. He pulled off several very nice looking moves including a lucha arm drag and a great high-arcing suplex, while at other times he struggled to look competent in basic situations. I’ll take that over bringing nothing at all to the table. You got these big swings in execution from 2001-era WCW cruiserweights – a period and division I have a fondness for – so I don’t mind it. It just always is amusing to see a wrestler look so good one moment in a match only to look so hopeless the next.

Dalton Castle also wins points in my books because he is a radio DJ. He should play that up more because being a pro wrestling disc jockey is really scrapping the bottom of the professional barrel.

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