(02/26/1993) Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Heavy Metal (AAA)

rey mysterio jr. vs. heavy metal
Mexican national welterweight

Year: 1993
Type: n/a
Other: High Flying; Clipped


Rey’s Mexican National Welterweight title was on the line in this bout between two of AAA’s most promising young starts. The match is heavily clipped up with only a couple of minutes of each fall shown at most so its hard to get a full grip on what kind of match they actually had. Rey is still wearing his long pants, singlet gear while Metal as always is sporting his classy one-third back t-shirt. The most notable spot is a near blow spot where Heavy Metal slips leaping onto the second turnbuckle. He climbs the turnbuckles and then freezes, seemingly waiting for Rey to follow up and cover. Rey eventually gets the message and kicks Metal to the floor, before they get back in the ring and go right to the planned fall finish. Rey looked good here but he’s still in that part of his career where he was a tad exposed in singles match. Heavy Metal never quite left that stage of his career. It makes you wonder if the match wasn’t messier than what was shown and that’s why it was all clipped up.

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