(02/21) Angelico, Australian Suicide & Zumbi vs. Demon Rocker, Machine Rocker & Soul Rocker

Gimnasio Olimpico Juan de la Barrera (Mexico City, Mexico)

I thought this match was the most fun match from AAA I have seen from 2014.

They forgo the ‘everyone brawls in the ring’ opening for the most part, opting for a more traditional one-on-one slower paced start. I think I tend to prefer that over the alternative that you get in most Psycho Circus or main event trios matches in AAA. I am not the biggest Angelico fan in the world – his kicks are really hit or miss – but he looked fine here both on offense and taking a beating. His clothesline late in the match looked very good – more of those and less of the kicks, please. He also has natural heel charisma and with the male fans turning against him, I think a run alongside the rudos could be fun somewhere in the future.

The first five minutes are all mainly kept to one on one sequences and all six luchadores looked good. Zumbi’s kicks and break dancing-inspired moves were fun and for the most part connecting. The Rockers were solid eating the offense from the multinational (Australia, Brazil & Spain) tecnico team. They eventually take over, first on Angelico and then on Suicide, beating both down with a variety of triple teams.

The rudos control for several minutes in a decent segment of the match. We got lots of German suplexes and high-impact moves from the Rockers, most of which looked good. They get their licks in on three tecnicos at least once during this segment. One of the Rockers landed a really nice tope on Angelico with the other two holding him at bay outside the ring, but that allowed Zumbi and Suicide to get the jump on them with dueling hurricanranas once the Rockers re-entered the ring.

The tecnico dive train to kick off the stretch run was great as always with a beautiful shooting star plancha form Suicide and Angelico’s super-athletic tope out of the corner.

Overall, this was a very fun match that flew by and flowed better than a lot of AAA trios do.

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