(02/18) Titan, La Mascara & Rush (c) vs. Negro Casas, Felino & Mr. Niebla

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
Mexican National Trios Championship

This was a match where the quality at any given time was entirely dependent on the pairing currently in the ring.

The groupings were just as one might expect. Titan mainly worked with Felino. Mascara and Mr. Niebla paired off. Rush and Casas went at each other at every available opportunity as they have for most of the past year. The quality of each pairing was also exactly what one might expect. Titan versus Felino was perfectly fine with a couple of good sequences mixed in with one or two rough spots. The Niebla & Mascara segments were poor and riddled with miscommunication. Whenever Rush and Casas were in the ring together it was great stuff with lots of hard shots and big time heat.

The segments were as distinctly different in terms of quality – going from great, to okay, to poor – based on who was in the ring at the time than any recent CMLL trios I have watched.

Mr. Niebla and La Mascara had one spot together where they were going toe to toe in the ring. Niebla kindly requested that they take the fight outside. They both headed towards the ropes. Well, Mascara must have thought that Mr. Niebla meant all the way outside because he jumped through the ropes and landed on the arena floor, only to look up and spot Mr. Niebla confusingly gazing down at him from the ring apron. Mascara tucked his tail between his leg, jumped on the apron, and continued to brawl as if nothing had happened. They also had a couple of other misses or near misses on moves in the ring while working opposite of one another.

Titan and Felino were fine. Titan did not hit many of his signature spots but Felino is a slick bumper when it comes to lucha-style rolls so he took the offense that Titan used well.

Casas and Rush went at each other in their usual hate-filled and violent manner. There were a lot of stiff kicks to the face and other body parts, hard clotheslines, and the usual intense brawling from those two. Rush’s corner dropkick is a perennially awesome move, but he always seems to deliver it with a little extra umph against Casas. For anyone out there that still believes Lucha to be too soft and too different, the interaction between Casas and Rush anytime they meet is the most obvious support for that opinion being dead wrong.

Good match overall, as I thought the good (Casas/Rush) slightly outweighed the bad (La Mascara/Mr. Niebla) with Titan & Felino doing their thing somewhere in the middle. The booking is a tad odd with the old Peste Negra trios squad winning the National titles just after the new Peste Negra lineup (Niebla, Bárbaro Cavernario and Herodes) have gotten a substantial push in recent weeks, but that’s CMLL I guess.

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