(02/16) Polvora (c) vs. Mistico

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
CMLL World Welterweight Championship

Polvora and Mistico would have defied the odds with a good match here. I like Mistico II just fine in trios matches where he can tag in, hit his spots, and tag out. He doesn’t blow much these days and is flying is very good. He has also gotten good enough to have the occasional strong singles match as well. His title opportunity versus Mephisto in Tokyo was a match worth watching in large part due to what Mistico brought to the table.

Mistico can get lost in longer singles matches, however. Polvora simply is not very good – enjoyable singles match versus Titan from last January aside – so the odds were stacked against this pair.

There was no odds-defying pro wrestling magic to be seen here. The first two falls are largely forgettable and littered with rough patches. Mistico brings out the big moves in the third fall, but the pacing is all off and the moves are not spectacular enough to make up for that issue as they were in, say, Volador Jr. vs. Mascara Dorada from Tokyo. The match holds together which is a semi-compliment so the possibility of things falling completely apart was there, but even the big-move third fall is not enough to completely turn the match around.

Nuevo Mistico does capture his first CMLL singles championship so there is something worth seeing. As far as match quality goes, however, it was fine but you can probably skip it without losing any sleep.

High Flying | Common | Title Match

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