(02/04) Gym Skyade (Aztlan, Destino, Jorge Kebrada, Kanon, Onix, Operativo X, Prodigo & Vertize) vs. FILL Gym (Alfa, Dragón Celestial, Fulgor I, Imposible, Omega, Power Bull, Seiya, Sky Ángel)

Arena Naucalpan (Naucalpan, Mexico)
February 4th (Aired: February 9th)
Torneo Cibernetico

What we have here is a neat little cibernetico pitting students (and/or alumni) of Skyade’s gym against Black Terry’s pupils from his FILL gym. Dragon Celestia, Fulgor I and Impossible are the only ones I had some prior familiarity with so keeping track of who was who was going to be impossible, so I didn’t even try.

This was a very entertaining cibernetico, particularly the first-half of the match before the eliminations occurred. After some mat work from the first couple of participants, we got rapid-fire entries and exits for an extended period of time. If you like cool lucha arm drags – and seriously, how can you not? – then there was a lot worth liking about the first part of the contest.

The dives were a bit more hit or miss. One in particular relatively early-on looked really bad as one of the wrestlers did a flip off the apron, got almost no height, and was practically on the ringside floor already just a foot away from the apron. The point of this match is not to see a bunch of guys hitting everything perfect but rather it is to see a group of younger guys try some (hopefully) cool stuff out. We got that hear with some neat mat work at the beginning, a few cool submissions, and more than enough smooth arm drags to go around.

The elimination portion of the match was not as strong as the first half, but was fine. At several times during the match, the Skayde and Black Terry contingents got into it on the outside. The match threatened to break into an all-out brawl but never got there.

I liked the finish of Aztlan hitting a low blow for the pin, only for Skayde to agree with Black Terry’s protest that the move was illegal. This set up a re-match for some time in the future. This cibernetico was fun enough that I’ll definitely be checking out the re-match.

Cibernetico | Worthwhile | Quality/Individual Performance

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