(01/28/2014) Virus vs. Titan (CMLL)

Mexican National Welterweight

Year: 2014
Type:  Title Match Style
Other: Recommended


During his long reign as CMLL Super Lightweight champion from 2011 through early 2015, Virus was good for one or two excellent technically wrestled title matches per year. Although actually contested for Titan’s Mexican National Welterweight championship, this match is Virus’ 2014 title match masterpiece. The match has all of the elements of a traditional lucha title match with excellent mat work in the early falls, a strong tecnico comeback in the second fall, and a near fall heavy finale that builds to a dramatic conclusion. Everyone agrees that this is another example of why Virus is such a great wrestler. Titan’s contributions to the match seem to vary more among viewers, but regardless, this is a great match that is arguably the best singles match out of Mexico in 2014.

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