(01/19/2014) Volador Jr. vs. Mascara Dorada (CMLL)

Volador Jr. vs. Mascara Dorada
NWA World Welterweight

Year: 2014
Type:  n/a
Other: Lucha Libre in Japan; High Flying


The all-out spotlight high flying match as a long history on lucha libre promoted shows in Japan. Even so, few have been as direct in their approach as Volador Jr. and Mascara Dorada’s tour closing match of the 2014 FantasticaMania tour. By no means is this is a complete match, not is it supposed to be. It is spot after spot of high risk and often breathtaking high flying. If you understand what you are getting yourself into, I find it hard to believe you won’t come away from this match blown away by a spot or two (or ten).

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