(01/03/2014) Negro Casas vs. Titan (CMLL)

Leyenda de Plata Tournament FInal

Year: 2014
Type:  n/a
Other: n/a


The calendar ran out on CMLL in 2013. A promotion that already runs roughly a gazillion tournaments each year decided it would like to cram one tournament int0 2013, so they started the Leyenda de Plata tournament on December 20th with the second qualifying cibernetico a week later which pushed the tournament final between Negro Casas and Titan into the 2014 calendar year. A spirited and crisp match built around no less than a half a dozen interesting spots/sequences. A great match to watch for those who doubt the greatness Negro Casas’ late career work. All of his offense and bumps are on point in this match, he moves better than a lot of wrestlers ten years his junior, and brings a ton of energy to the bout. The match also serves as a reminder of how polished and solid of an all-around wrestler that Titan can be when afforded an opportunity.

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