(01/03) Dean Allmark (c) vs. Robbie Dynamite

All-Star Wrestling
Floral Pavilion (New Brighton, Merryside, England)
ASW Superslam Championship

Dean Allmark and Robbie Dynamite rarely have bad matches versus each other. They had a number of good singles and tag matches (with the equally good Rampage Brown as Dynamite’s partner) in 2013, including a surprisingly good tables match late last summer (“surprising” since table matches generally stink). This was another good match between the two that fits right in with their larger bodies of work.

As per usual with ASW matches, the crowd interaction and crowd reaction adds so much to the atmosphere of this match. Dynamite telling the crowd – comprised of many kids – to “shush” in order to get them even more riled up works like magic. To me, Allmark in ASW is one of the best (if not the best) babyfaces anywhere in the world today. He gets a crowd behind him so easily, can get them to chant support or jeer the opponent on cue, and works a very solid, traditional babyface style.

Dynamite doesn’t do much in this match besides setting up Allmark’s offense and comebacks, but that is all he needed to do. He goes to a chin lock often, but almost always at the correct time to rally the crowd behind Allmark. Allmark was really crisp in this one hitting all of his hope and comeback spots perfectly. I know the headstand in the corner spot is nothing new in British wrestling but it is such a great spot. Poor Dynamite falls for it yet again, having not yet learned that charging at Allmark while he is standing on his head on the turnbuckle is only going to lead to a boot to the mouth.

Your typical solid Dean Allmark and Robbie Dynamite match. This match – and these guys – are proof that you don’t need to constantly reinvent the wheel in wrestling. They work similar matches basically all-year around in the same towns, using the same spots. They have a definite formula but because that formula is a good one, it works no matter how many times the fans see it.

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